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Janus Henderson Investors Credit Analyst in Denver, Colorado

Janus Henderson Global Investors is a leading independent global asset manager, dedicated to delivering the best outcomes for clients through a broad range of actively managed funds.

We provide our institutional, retail and high net-worth individuals with access to skilled investment professionals representing a broad range of asset classes including, equities, fixed income, multi asset and alternatives.

We are a team of independent thinkers who work tirelessly to help our clients achieve their goals – and we do it by fostering an energetic and collaborative culture that ensures our people love the place they work.

Headquartered in London, Janus Henderson is a truly global asset manager with a diverse geographic footprint, managing assets from 27 offices globally and employing more than 2,000 staff.

Overview of the Role

You will provide portfolio managers and the investment team with relevant information and recommendations regarding investment attractiveness of multi-currency corporate bonds, bank loans, convertible, and equity securities. You will analyze a company's position within its industry, sales and profit estimates, projected free cash flow estimates, and credit metrics and make Overweight, Marketweight Underweight and Avoid recommendations with projected risk adjusted total returns for individual securities. In addition to the above, you will conduct bottom up fundamental analysis of individual companies, focusing on business factors such as financial performance, competitive industry analysis, regulatory landscape, quality of company management, etc.

Area of Control (investment roles only)

Your core duties fall within the remit of the Credit Research Fixed Income department/team.

Duties and Responsibilities

You will:

  • Provide industrial sector analysis focused on identifying investment opportunities within the global credit markets.

  • Provide a selection of the best risk adjusted total return global securities, with a focus on downside protection

  • Have a comprehensive understanding of the general and strategic drivers of the global leveraged loan and bond markets

  • Research select industries, companies, and geographic markets

  • Build, update and maintain financial and valuation models with a focus on free cash flow forecasting

  • Produce notes on relevant investment themes, earnings and breaking news events

  • Synthesize and assess financial industry data

  • Forecast growth, evaluate competitive position within an industry, determines quality of financial statement information, analyses potential downside scenarios

  • Carry out additional duties as assigned

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • None

Technical Skills and Qualifications

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

  • Ability to work and make decisions independently

  • Strong analytical and quantitative skills and attention to detail

  • Significant experience in financial investment analysis, including experience of looking at both high yield and investment-grade corporate bonds

  • Must have experience of identifying industrial investment opportunities within the global credit markets

  • Advanced MS Word, Excel, Bloomberg and internet skills

  • Ability to build and maintain detailed financial models

  • Ability to multi-task, organize, and assimilate large amounts of information quickly

  • Deep understanding of corporate finance and accounting

  • Deep understanding of global corporate markets

  • 3 years minimum financial experience required

  • Four-year degree in finance, economics, accounting, or related field required

  • CFA, CPA or post graduate degree preferred

Competencies Required

  • Overtime may be required on short notice and may include evening, weekend, holiday hours

  • Typical office environment with telephone, desktop computer, copier

  • Ability to travel

For those in scope of Knowledge & Competence (MiFID II)

  • Knowledge of financial markets, financial markets function and the impact of economic figures and national/regional/global events on markets

  • Understanding of issues relating to market abuse and anti-money laundering

Ongoing competence in the role to be assessed by:

  • Annual Performance Appraisal

  • Completion of all assigned Compliance training

  • Annual Attestation (Knowledge and Competence in-scope roles only)

Compliance Requirements

At a minimum the role will require you to:

  • Place the interest of Janus Henderson’s Clients first and always act in accordance with TCF (Treating Customers Fairly) principles

  • Understand and follow laws and regulations applicable for your role, seeking the help of your supervising manager or Compliance if you would like further explanation or direction regarding this

  • Understand and abide by all Janus Henderson policies applicable to your role, and ask for the support/guidance of the policy owner if you are unsure at any time

  • You are ultimately accountable for your actions and responsible for seeking further information on any or all of the above as necessary.

Janus Henderson Investors (including its subsidiaries) will not maintain existing or sponsor new industry registrations or licenses where not supported by an employee’s job functions (as determined by Janus Henderson Investors at its sole discretion).

All applicants must be willing to comply with the provisions of Janus Henderson Investors' Investment Advisory Code of Ethics related to personal securities activities and other disclosure and certification requirements, including past political contributions and political activities. Applicants’ past political contributions or activity may impact applicants’ eligibility for this position. Janus Henderson Investors is an equal opportunity / Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status. All applications are subject to background checks.